The NUA-25 Machine Group




The NUA-25 Machine Group

M – This is the basic version of the NUA grinder equipped with mechanical (manual) travel of the work table moving on rolling guides.
The most important structural elements of the machine are made of cast iron, which ensures the operating stability of the grinder. The lateral travel of the device is carried out mechanically. The sliding guides of the body are lined with a material featuring a very low friction coefficient, which results in the cross-travel precision of 0.005 mm. The grinding head is driven by an electric motor, controlled from the operator panel, which also controls the activating and deactivating of the spindle drive.

H – Unlike the M version, the grinder in the H version is equipped with a hydraulic longitudinal travel of the work table with a 360 mm stroke. All components of the hydraulic drive are located inside the machine’s body. The drive can be switched from hydraulic to manual by releasing a latch. The use of a hydraulic drive allows for grinding surfaces, rollers, holes, and for the automatic sharpening of rotary tools, when choosing the appropriate accessories.

a – the basic type of the grinding head equipped with a one-way spindle (left-hand rotation) with a 0.55 kW motor. The head allows for vertical rotation in the range from +15˚ to 90˚, and horizontally to ±173˚

b – A new type of the grinding head with a bi-directional spindle (clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation) equipped with a 1.1 kW motor. The head allows for vertical swivel at ±120˚ and horizontal swivel at 360˚. By using an eccentric, the adjustment range in the horizontal plane has been increased.