ASP-631 G




ASP-631 G

Grinder for automatic sharpening planer heads


Automatic grinder for use in furniture, woodworking, plastic processing companies. Desinged for sharpening planer heads without removing of the cutting blades. Machine sharpenes precisely straight knives (heads) w traditional, hydro and Powerlock mounting. Due to the use of an intuitive control system, machine is characterized by simpilcity in use.

Description of use:

Used to sharpen planer heads with maximum diameter of 250mm and length 400mm. machine sharpenes tool clearance surface along a straight line. Three axial control allows to use the automatic grinder for  harpening most planer heads available on the market. It enables the sharpening process to be carried out both dry and using a coolant. Use of the cooling system speeds up the sharpening process, minimizing time needed to reduce effects of temperature in the grindng place.