ASN-810 / ASN-810A





The machine is designed for automatic sharpening of planer knives in fixtures with 4 tools in one process and up to 1000 mm long. The machine enables grinding of chipper blades on a tilt table (with a standard L=350 mm), and other industrial cutting tools which require flat grinding. The machine features a rigid and  compact design and an integrated cooling system.

The grinder is programmed with a proprietary and intuitive control system which enables setting all necessary operating parameters.

A complete ASN-810 grinder includes a 0 to 40° tilting table, a cooling system, and a L=350mm tilting table for processing at angles beyond 40°.

Optional accessories:
• Cabin
• L = 800 mm tilting table
• Neodymium table for small blades



The machine is an evolution of the ASN-810 grinder upgraded with an additional cross-feed mechanism of the Grinding head. The grinder is intended for automatic sharpening of perforating or cutting blades for paper and foil, corrugated blades, and angled blades with a pitch of 1-10 mm. The maximum permissible blade length is 1000 mm, for straight knives and 750 for grooved the maximum number of teeth is 999, and the machine can process angular or radial shape (depending on the grinding wheel shape), complete with longitudinal and height correction between 0.01 and 0.2 mm. The machine can process tapered knives with a taper of up to 2 mm and an option of processing wider tapers. The blades can be fixed directly to the table or with a tilting table.